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Roberto Jimenez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 6.5
3D Rad is an excellent tool for creating 3D animations not only for being a free program, but also because it doesn't require you to write any code to create outstanding 3D animations.
The program is easy to use, it has a visualization window, where it shows the objects added to produce the animation. These objects are also listed in a frame, where each one is considered as an individual item.

The key of the program is to know how to work with the objects. You can adjust their parameters to enhance their aspect, e.g. you can add physical layouts, change the image, etc. The program includes some buttons called "Transformation buttons", which can be used to move a certain object to a preferred position, angle, etc. The objects can be also linked to other objects, e.g. you can add a Terrain object, a G-force object, a car object, and link the terrain and the G-force to the car (If the G-force or the Terrain weren't linked to the car, it would be floating when running the animation). You can add a camera and adjust the translation or rotation speed to follow an object.

The program includes different preloaded objects, but you can also include your own 3D models.


  • It allows you to create 3D animations without having to write any code.


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trusted DOWNLOAD 44.1 MB

What's new in version 7.2

New object! The GUIWindow object allows you to easily add to your projects run-time GUI windows, without any scripting. Please see the GUIWindow object's help file for more information. Dramatically improved load time for all TextPrint/ValuePrint objects that use the same font set. Earlier 3D Rad versions used to take several seconds (minutes sometimes) to load your projects if they used multiple instances of the TextPrint or ValuePrint object, even if they all used the same font set. Added ability to use any 3d model as detection zone for the EventOnLocation object. In previous versions the only supported volume shape was a box. Added support for imposters, allowing optimized (fast!) rendering of multiple instances of the same sprite. For an example of usage, please see the SpriteImposters.3dr demo project. Multiplayer games support! Added ability, for a Character object running on the server, to have its controls operated by a remote user on a client PC, in a multiplayer game. Multiplayer games support! Added ability, for a PCar object running on the server, to have its controls operated by a remote user on a client PC, in a multiplayer game. Added ability to use the EventOnContact object to also detect collisions involving RigidBody imposters. The action (or actions) specified on the EventOnContact property dialog will be triggered when the master RigidBody or one of its imposters is involved in a collision. The index of the individual imposter involved in the collision will be reported as an EnventOnContact object's internal parameter, allowing you to perform actions based on specific imposter collisions, via scripting or EventOnValue object. For an example of usage, please see the EOCImposterDemo.3dr project. Added ability to optionally hide all SkinMeshes linked to the RigidBody, when the RigidBody object is hidden and show them when the RigidBody is shown. Please see RigidBody help file for details. Added a new 'LOOK-AT' setting for the items listed in the relationship window. If an object is marked as 'LOOK-AT', the camera will look at it, while still following any object marked as 'CHASE', as usual. iObjectRefresh() function now supports SoundSource and SoundEffect objects.

Publisher's description

In 3D Rad, you make games by combining 'intelligent' components (called Objects) and setting relationship parameters for them. To run a demo project, run 3D Rad, press Ctrl O, choose a demo project to open and press the Space Bar to launch it. For a description of each project, please see the following table.

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    Me too, it is a good bath but I don't like it because 3D Rad is a trial!

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    he is good bath i dont like becauze 3drad 6.30 is trial

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    cen somebody help me with 3drad.How I can import ridgebody into 3drad.I em see some tutorials for this bouth a dont anderstud.